Today’s Pictures

Our day started with a resounding bell ring followed by revelry being played from the roof of the dining hall.  Finally, you could hear the bellow of “GOOD MORNING HIGH ROCKS!” The day had begun!

Soon after, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Lakeside out of the cabin playing around in a circle.  After a quick query, the boys explained that they had already cleaned their cabin.  The smart counselor put the eager boys, who could not possibly sleep, to work early on their cabin.  It allowed them some morning free time before breakfast.

The first full day of camp is like cake for breakfast after your birthday!  It’s like waking up and playing with all the toys you just unwrapped the day before.  Our first breakfast and assembly went quick as we headed right into morning activities.  The learning and skills had begun!

We couldn’t ask for more perfect weather!  Of course, we are prepared for anything mother nature throws our way, but camp sure is fantastic when it is warm and sunny!  Today was that kind of day! the lake was filled with eager swimmers, paddlers, sailors, and fishermen. Our new gym has attracted many boys during choice period for games of basketball, knockout, and classic four-square.  There were still many a warrior in the arena over in the GaGa pit.

After dinner, we took advantage of the excellent night!  Our two oldest cabins headed out on their first overnights, while the other groups had options like the rope swing, games in the field, and dodge ball. Finally, we wrapped up the evening with a calm moment on mystic hill by the dining hall where each cabin enjoyed a snack of cheese and crackers with their cabin.  It was then back to the cabin for showers and some reflection on the day.

Tomorrow will bring more adventures!  I can’t wait to share them with you!

Don Gentle


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