Life in the Mountains

Today’s Pictures

My goodness were we blessed with another fantastic day!  Highs in the mid 80s, a fantastic breeze all day long, and sun, sun, sun!  It sure is fun watching these boys get into their activities.  The skills are building and the trips are heading out all over the place. Paddlers were having a blast out on the introductory section of the French Broad.  The climbers headed out to our own High Rocks, and the hikers took a wonderful trek out to the Mountain Bridge area of South Carolina.

Life at 3000 feet is pretty sweet!  Cool nights, warm days, and just enough rain to keep it all green. Having your own private lake is not too bad either. The cold springs keep it fresh and chilly all summer long.  It really is a centerpiece of the property.  The boys were having a huge time out on the lake today.  It was one of the best sailing days yet!

Tomorrow will be our last set of trips for the week as we all head in for the weekend.  We have a big skit night planned for tomorrow night. We then will host the ladies of Rockbrook Camp on Saturday night for a square dance.  The weekend looks to be quite exciting.

Keep those cards and letters coming.  We will encourage the boys to do the same.

Have a great night,


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