Saturdays at Camp

Today’s Pictures

Saturday’s for me seem to revolve around the food.  I’m not sure why, but breakfast and lunch are always fantastic.  We started the day with made-from scratch buttermilk pancakes, with some fine bacon on the side.  Nate even went as far as adding hash browns right off the flattop (not the cabin, the grill); crispy and grilled to perfection.  Add some yogurt, cut fruit, assorted cereals and you have a fantastic breakfast!

The cool (a fine 52 degrees) and cloudy morning let go to another breezy day that was slightly cooler than yesterday.  The sailors had another blast moving with the wind while they learned what to do when your boat capsizes.  Capsize drills are a fun and important part of small boat sailing. The instructors helped the training by tipping boats that were “in irons” or not moving fast enough to outrun their paddle board.  The boys loved it.

Wait… Weren’t we talking about food? Ah yes, LUNCH!  Saturday lunch is fresh baked pizza day!  The guys ate every bit of it…Really! All of it! Some parents are surprised we can stay in business just feeding the boys we have, let alone the rest of the awesome things we do.  I will say, these boys can rip through some food!  I should probably stop talking about food now :).

A much needed rest hour made way for more of everything as the boys swam, paddled, sailed, biked, sanded, shot, climbed, hiked, fished, tennised, soccered, scultpted, horsed, and ate some more…

I enjoyed watching the first group of boys finish up their wood shop projects.  If they sign up for crafts, they will spend one week working on a wood project, and then finish painting or staining it back at the craft shop later in the session.

Choice period turned into “beautification hour” today as the boys prepared to host Rockbrook Camp for Girls tonight.  It is a good way to get the showers over early and have everyone clean and tidy for dinner.  Life at Rockbrook (and other girls camps) during this same hour typically involves blown breakers from all the hair care going on.  Life at a boys camp is WAY different.  I do enjoy seeing the boys clean up even if it is for just a couple of nights during the session.

The dance turned out very well, and the boys were good hosts.  A great end to a fantastic day.  We are all looking forward to a little slower pace tomorrow morning.

We all need camp…



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