A Day of Reflection

Today’s Pictures

Our morning started with a secret visit from the Krispy Kreme fairy!  We added eggs, bread pudding, bacon and home fries, just in case they needed a little more. After breakfast and a brief assembly, we headed down to the lake for our morning service. I spoke to the boys about what Paul Petzoldt called “Expeditionary Behavior;” an awareness and attention to all relationship that influence an outdoor experience. Camp is a lot like an expedition. The group is accountable to the individual and the individual is accountable the group. The key points included:

  • Serve the mission and goals of the group
  • Be as concerned for others as you are for yourself
  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect
  • Support leadership and growth in everyone
  • Respect the cultures you contact
  • Be kind and open-hearted
  • Do your share and stay organized
  • Help others, but don’t routinely do their work
  • Model integrity by being honest and accountable
  • Admit and correct your mistakes

Petzoldt began this mantra in the early days of NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) and it is still in use today on every expedition. I brought it down to earth with some humor and examples relating to camp that rang true for the young and the older.  Camp is an expedition that requires all of us to work together, particularly in the cabin.

The morning finished up with choice period and relaxation.  I enjoyed seeing some boys reading by the lake or under the trees.  I saw several boys writing letters.  Many enjoyed a swim, a paddle, some time in the gaga pit, or in the gym. It was a great time to relax a bit.

We had a big Sunday lunch with southern fried chicken, black beans, rice, gravy and those endless yeast rolls.  What a way to head into rest hour.  I am still amazed at how much these boys eat.  A good sign of a happy camper!

Our afternoon was focused on age-group related activities.  Many ended up cooling off on the water slide, or rope swing after a busy game in the gym and soccer field.  The Upper Senior boys spent the whole afternoon sinking each other’s canoes.  A splendid time!

After a fine cookout of hamburgers and hot dogs on the lawn, we headed up to campfire to play some relaxing tunes and listen to one of Dan Noland’s incredible stories.  It sure was a great week!  We are looking forward to a whole lot more on Monday.

Tonight’s pictures have a few more images of the square dance last night with Rockbrook and the rest will show the fun and relaxation of Sunday.

Have a great night!



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