Good Clean Fun!

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Monday’s always start with a bang.  It’s like the beginning of a horse race as all these “trip-eager” boys who were all stuck on our 1000-acre facility all weekend feel like they need to get out and do something.  I know, it sounds awful being “stuck” here!  Anyhow, we tend to have all sorts of boys heading out on trips the second Monday of the session.  Their skills are just starting to build, so it is time to test them out!

We had trips out to the Green River for canoeing.  There was a climbing trip to Looking Glass Rock. We also had our first mountain biking trip in DuPont State Forest.

The biggest excitement was a group of our older boys heading out for a three-day trip in High Pisgah.  They will spend three days hiking through Middle Prong Wilderness, Graveyard Fields, and Shining Rock Wilderness areas.  They will spend most of their time above 4000 feet and have spectacular views.

There were secrets kept today on several fronts.  First, our lunchtime secret of mini corn dogs was unveiled.  About three years ago we had to stop posting mini corn dogs on the menu because campers were skipping trips to make sure they were here for lunch that day.  I wouldn’t exactly call them a culinary masterpiece, but they are a hometown favorite.  Anyhow, the corn dogs were released and they were a crowd pleaser once again.

Our second secret that we kept was the outcome of last night’s NBA final.  We held all mail and email until 5pm so the boys could watch the last quarter of the game.  An eager group of boys attended the event during choice period.  It actually goes quick when you cut out all the commercials and time-outs.  I like that camp can be such a bubble to the outside world.  It truly allows us to be free of so many distractions.

Speaking of freedom. One of my favorite evening program events is canoe fill-ups. It is a simple game where three to four guys climb in a boat; two armed with paddles and two armed with buckets.  I short, you just try to fill up the other boats before yours is filled up. In reality, it tends to boil up into a controlled chaos.  There is so much screaming, yelling, thrashing and water flying that you always know when there is a game going on.  It could never be an all-camp event.  The age group is a perfect size where there is just enough fun, but plenty of staff and staff boats on the perimeter to keep it controlled.  It is just pure clean fun!

Finally, our “Oxy Clean” age group headed out for the first “Chill Night” of the session.  The boys head out after dinner to Sliding Rock, where the water from a cold mountain stream flows over this perfectly sloped rock.  That is the part that chills you on the outside.  Then the boys wrap up the night with a trip to the infamous Dolly’s Dairy Bar, where they cool off (chill) their insides while they are also “chillin'” with their friends at the end of the day taking down a big ice cream cone.  That is one “chill-night.”

I’m exhausted. The lights out bell just rang, which means I am late again.  We sure are having a blast! Until tomorrow,


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  1. June 21, 2016 by Katy

    I love this blog so much! I laughed out loud over the mini corn dogs!! Thank you! Charlie loves canoe fill ups!