Summer’s Officially Here!

Today’s Pictures

Today is the first full day of summer, after last night’s full moon rising on the solstice—a Strawberry Moon! The camp whippoorwill had celebrated most of the night, late and early, and, as the guys went to assembly after another bodacious breakfast, they spotted a cicada recently emerged from its exoskeleton, waiting for its wings to harden. It is amazing how beautiful those green and purple wings were in the cool morning sunlight.

The trippers wasted no time, either. The climbers were first out, as usual, heading to the south side of Looking Glass Rock. Since the weather is perfect for them, they got in a full day of climbing, even going up some new routes. Today is Chris Dorrity’s birthday, so they scarfed some cookies together at the bottom of the rock before coming back to camp.

The paddlers went to the Green River, in a truly spectacular gorge not far east of camp. It’s big enough to be a real challenge for the intermediate paddlers, and, when they got back, they were chatting with each other about who had capsized two times and who had three. All the guys had big (but tired) smiles, and the staff on the trip was proud of how the campers had succeeded.

As the three-day climb continued on their second day in High Pisgah, another hike went out for the day in lower Pisgah. There was still plenty enough change of elevation, rocks and roots, and distance, so that, when they got back in the heat of the afternoon, they were eager for the free swim at choice period soon to come.

The mountain bikers and horseback riders are going on more remote camp trails, taking advantage of the skills they have built so far. Tonight, after an early supper The Gingerbread Men age group got their turn at chill night. They’ll be back in a bit, chilly from the river, sticky from the ice cream, tired from the exertion and delighted with the whole event.

It is hard to believe that, as we go to bed tonight, this session is half over! We’ll all sleep well, and we hope you do, too.

Dan Noland

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