TGIF… at Camp!

Today’s Pictures

Our second Friday of the session began with a nice cool breeze and a solid breakfast of eggs, biscuits, gravy, and grits. Properly fortified, the boys charged into the day with the confidence of two week veterans, knowing all of the shortcuts around camp, armed with all the appropriate clothing options in backpacks wildly swinging, and most even sporting water bottles… with water in them!

Though it was a Friday, that meant the pace of the day only increased if anything. Climbers were out of camp early on to get to Stone Depot, establish some routes, and get a good number of climbs in before the sun made the rock rather warm to the touch. Canoers were not far behind with a group of tandem canoes and kayaks heading to the Lower Green, working on comfort in rather technical, rocky whitewater. Mountain biking also had a group out of camp as guys got a crack at some trails in Dupont which is a wonderful addition to the daily rides they get to practice here at camp. The opportunity to see less-traveled sections of the forest feels like a special treat, and the trails over there are well-maintained and world class!

Swimming class also sent forth a trip of guys who have been working hard on the lake perfecting strokes and accumulating tri-swims. An excited bunch jumped in the van just after lunch, skipping rest hour even, to take tubes to a headwaters section of the French Broad where they floated swam, negotiated rapids, and had a blast. The cold mountain river water was a great way to pass a warm afternoon, and doing so while bouncing along in a tube with your buddies seems downright perfect.

Not be outdone, activities in camp were continuing to push the guys across the board as they are in the heart of the skills progressions and learning new stuff each day. Ropes course was pushing comfort zones, the bouldering cave saw campers practicing moves to complete challenging new routes, and the pottery wheels were besmirching many a white shirt! Horseback riders and hikers together re-enacted elements of the Lord of the Rings and I was consistently startled to see hobbit-looking campers suddenly appear from around buildings and boxwoods on various missions of vast import. The riders sported capes and were heroically conducting trail rides as Riders of Rohan, vanquishing evils in a rather calm, and methodical way.

Tonight, all of camp came together in the gym in front of the stage  for Air Band Night. With costumes and brooms aplenty, cabin groups performed renditions of a host of classical, and comical, songs for their camp fellows. Much laughter, some guitar solos, cowbells, and general community fun was had. After a brief snack, back to cabins they went to get some solid sleep for their last full weekend at camp.

Hope you guys enjoy the pictures. We will see you back here tomorrow!


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