Best Sunday Ever!

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Another fantastic Sunday here at High Rocks!  After a much needed sleep-in the boys worked hard to get their laundry up to the lot before breakfast. We had a great meal, then a little bounce around time in assembly before heading down to the lake for our morning service. I lead a talk on character that focused on Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, and Citizenship.the boys had some great responses on how that might look at camp as well as how we can work on these in our small community.  We spent the rest of the morning in some choice period options and relaxation.

The afternoon was filled with excitement and splendor as the oldest campers participated in the annual Upper Senior Challenge; a competition filled with varying enters centered around skills they learned at camp through their years at camp. It is always a ton of fun as we put the event together to model the television show “Amazing Race.”

While the challenge was commencing, the rest of camp enjoyed a flurry of fun games on the activity field with an Olympic theme. The best part was having the rest of camp at the top of campfire hill ready to cheer them on as they finished.  From there we cooled off in the mud pit to wrap up the afternoon!  Always great pictures from the mud pit!

Speaking of pictures.  You can still order a flash drive of all the pictures from the session to have ready for you on closing day. These high resolution pictures come on a High Rocks branded drive for you to use anyway you wish.  You can order these through the office.  Just email Mirenda at  She will have one ready for you after the pictures are finished for the session. The cost is $35.00.

Our day ended with a great cookout on the lawn followed by campfire and a fantastic story from Dave Johnson. I can’t believe we only have four days until parents’ day. Not to worry, it is going to be a busy one, with a ton of boys heading out of camp. We are super excited about this coming week!

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  1. June 27, 2016 by Katy

    Wow! Great events and great pictures!!!
    Thank you!!