Last Full Day of Activities

Today’s Pictures

I can’t believe it is almost there. What a fantastic session it has been. Tomorrow afternoon we begin our transition home.  Don’t get me wrong, it will be a filled day of fun and excitement, but the day will have a different focus than the rest.

I have enjoyed watching these boys learn and grow. Enjoy each other company,  appreciate the differences, and have a blast! There three weeks at camp has allowed them to forget about their phone, t.v., game console, and even the news.  They were barely able to keep up with the sport scores, let alone the Brexit, Istanbul, and even Orlando. A man is not an Island unto himself, but a little isolation from the day to day chaos of school, grades, tests, competition, and peer pressure sure can be a fantastic moment, even if it is for just a few weeks.  I’m not just saying it, I SEE it! Watching these boys actually look and talk to each other, discuss things, and appreciate 600 square feet with six other guys; it is vital to their growth. Studies show that engaging activities like camp prevent the summer slide, even though they are not doing math, they are still using their brains in an engaging fashion that keeps them on top.  I sure am glad they are here!

We still had several trips out today.  Our three-day hike returned from high Pisgah.  Our two-day paddlers returned from a couple of day-long river runs down the Nantahala.  Climbing had one more trip out today.  The mountain bikers also headed over to DuPont for one more run. Even the swimmers enjoyed a moment of tubing down the French Broad this afternoon.

Most of camp enjoyed dinner and then spent some time with just their cabin.  Some boys floated in tubes on the lake, others hiked out to a shelter to hang-out and roast marshmallows.  It is always fun to see these little pockets of boys doing their own thing.  I invited the Upper Senior boys down to the camp house for a steak dinner with all of the fixin’s.  We had a great meal, enjoyed the sunset on the back porch and even shared a story or two.  It was a great way to end the session.

Tomorrow we will start packing up after lunch.  We wrap-up the afternoon with a camp wide game of five-way color war. It has been a highly excitable event the last few years. We will shower up before dinner and then enjoy a sit-down meal that is served by our head staff.  Finally, we will head up to campfire one last time to sing some songs, listen to a story, end then hand out our five-year backpacks and ten-year paddles.  It is going to be quite a day.

We will have one more short blog tomorrow night, with some more pictures of the day. So even if you are traveling be sure to tune in to us.

I always feel nostalgic on parents’ day.  I enjoy seeing the reunions, but I hate to see them go. Friday will be a great day of reunions.  Even if they are little stinky, you’re still going to hug them :).  I look forward to seeing all of you.  Travel safe and get ready for the boys!


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