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It is amazing some days how many people we have out of camp during the week.  I tend to forget until I see everyone back in camp on the weekends.  I was talking to one group of boys briefly as they came back from a two-day hike, then headed back out on a paddling trip the next morning.  It sure is fun to see everyone back on Friday night and through the weekend.  Saturday’s are typically a special day for me since our photographer takes the day off.  It allows me to get around camp all day long, have some good moments with a few campers, and really see our staff teaching and mentoring these boys.  What a fantastic bunch. It sure is great to see these boys come into their own here at camp.  For a few it is a big step to get through the first week, so the second week is a marked difference in their development.  For the longtimers, it is really impressive to see how they have built there skills over the last couple of weeks.

The barn had a great day to day with some Irish themed games on horseback.  My favorite was the fish and chips event.  You’ll see why once you go through the pictures.  Very clever. Hiking enjoyed car camping day, where the boys pulled up the pick-up for a hillbilly hot tub, played games on the lawn, and roasted snacks over the fire.  The climbers put together a “bouldering bonanza” competition for the day.  Each climber tried to score the most points working through a number of bouldering moves.

Tonight we enjoyed our first-ever taco in a bag for dinner.  I must admit, it wasn’t bad… We have seen a lot of our peer camps pull it off for years, but were still not sure about it.  Turns out, it’s a hit!  Take a bag a Fritos, add ground meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, and salsa and BOOM, you have taco in a bag.  We wrapped that up just enough for the boys to get ready for our square dance with Keystone Camp. It sure was a blast! Square Dance Pictures

I added a number of pictures from Friday’s trips.  They are some great examples of the few places we go, and the skills the boys have learned.

Please have a wonderful night! Thanks again for trusting us with your boys.  They sure are awesome!



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