Let The Trips Begin

Today’s Pictures

It was another sunny and clear day at camp!  The temperature rose into the high eighties this afternoon before a cool front moved through bringing some much needed rain this evening, just in time for dinner.

It didn’t take long for the first trip out of camp to depart.  This morning a group of paddlers headed to the Tuckaseegee for a day on the river.  It was a hot day on the river which made the swimming spots even more delightful.  The paddlers in camp took advantage of the beautiful sunny day and continued to work on strokes while building up their endurance.

Sailors embarked on their maiden voyages of the session.  They were excited to experience a little bit of wind in their sails.  Swimming and Fishing also enjoyed the warm rays of the sun on the lake.

All of camp was a buzz with movement as campers quickly transitioned from activity to activity.  Barley, one of the camp dogs, made a visit to each of the activities to check out the day’s offerings.  He often waits by the dining hall to catch up with the most excited group of campers that passes by.  He is also loving to have camp full of young boys again!

This evening the cabins of Outpost, Pinnacle, Windswept, and Holiday-I hiked out to shelters on the property for their cabin overnight.  They will spend the evening cooking pita pizza’s over the stove and s’more’s over the fire.  I know they are loving the cooler temperatures this evening for their campout.

I enjoyed hanging out with some of the campers during choice period today.  They shared a bunch of jokes and riddles with me.  My favorite joke this afternoon was – “What did zero say to eight?  Nice belt!”  I love when I get the chance to just hang out with these guys- they are so much fun!

I think the boys will sleep well tonight with the cooler temperatures and another day packed full of fun and adventure!  I know I will.

Thanks for sharing your boys with us!


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