Fantastic Fun in the Summer Sun

Today’s Pictures

The perfect summer day was enjoyed y all!  A cool mountain morning followed by a perfect breezy day that brought everyone out to enjoy the sun!  I love life at 3000 feet!  The mountain air is so fantastic! The lake was filled with canoes, swimmer, sailboats, and all sorts of splashing about.

We sure had a ball today as the boys tore it up in their activities. I enjoy seeing these boys pick up speed so quickly from the last time they were here.  It is amazing how quick their muscle memory works.  Our first paddling trip already went down the road today to warm-up on the Tuckaseegee River.

Lunch today was the crowd favorite, Taco Day!  Shells, chips, black beans, beef, cheese, sour cream, lettuce, guacamole, salsa, and more cheese. The drawback to taco day is the dining hall clean-up. While it is never a coveted task, there is a little more on the floor this day.

Our oldest half of camp helps out with the community service of wiping down tables, putting up chairs, sweeping, and then putting down the chairs and setting out cups. The oldest boys have finally figured out that sweeping is more than running around the room with a broom or “petting the floor.” Wiping down tables requires long broad stokes and just a little spray, and not using the spray bottle as a machine gun while dabbing the table lightly.  I enjoy seeing the progress over the session and years.

The clean up process is also one of those small tasks that gives back in so many ways.  Of course it teaches teamwork, organization, and working a task to completion.  It also has the benefit of helping the boys understand what it takes to keep the dining hall clean. You see these guys holding others to the task of cleaning up after themselves, picking up their items, and keeping food off the floor..  Little steps of education that come from a simple task of picking up a broom.  I love what camp can do…

We sent some more boys out for the celebrated cabin overnights. It is always fun to hear the stories of who stayed up the latest, how many games they played, and good (or poorly) the pita pizzas came out.  I always look forward seeing them head back to their cabins in the early morning.

Tomorrow we have all the same activities and a number of trips heading out.  I can’t wait to tell you all about it!  Enjoy the pictures.

Don Gentle

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