A Picture, A Thousand Words

Today’s Pictures

Sorry for the late post, I was enjoying my time with the Mini I guys tonight.  They all headed out to their own special campfire circle that is off in the woods on the far side of the lake to participate in a right of passage as a junior camper!  The junior camper adventure night has become a bit of a tradition over the last couple of years.  The boys cheered, chanted, and appreciated their junior camper world!  The wrap-up took them to the mud pit where only a boy would understand the initial discomfort and apprehension, only to finally dive right into the wonderfulness of it all. It was a great time for these guys.

Sometimes a picture does way more than I could ever explain.  I enjoy sharing this small window into camp every evening.  Sure it adds a lot to my day.  The joy is all mine!  As you already know, boys are not good at sharing what they did or what is on their mind.  These Mini I boys will come home and say camp war great, and that may be all you get. If you look at the picture above, you can tell it was a lot more than that. Mini I parents will soon receive a letter from your son’s counselor that will also tell you a lot about the session.  It is all part of what we do to make sure you have a full understanding of your boy at camp and a small window into what we are all about.

There are a lot of great pictures tonight; boys in camp, on trips, and a few wrapping up their session. For many of us, we are just hitting our stride, but for these Mini I guys, they are gripping and squeezing every last moment out of camp before it ends on Saturday.

It really was a fantastic day in and out of camp.  There are some great shots from the three-day backpacking trip that returned.  The paddlers hit the Nantahala today.  By the looks of it, I’m not sure they could have had a better time!  In camp, there was plenty happening as well.  A big part of the choice period has been the camper-counselor tournament that is in-play.  The boys have such a blast with this event.

The joy just keeps happening every day!  I hope you all had as much fun, learning, excitement, and success as we did today!




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