Apocalypse Sunday

Today’s Pictures

Another fantastic Sunday at camp.  After a wonderful breakfast, and a little music, Zoob lead our morning by the lake with a talk about empathy; what it means and how it can help our community. I was impressed to see the boys participate n some of the questions and really seem to understand what she was trying to explain.

We spent the rest of our morning in choice period or just plan relaxation.  It was great to see some guys enjoy participating in some of the games that the counselors put together.  I even enjoyed seeing our paddling staff go out of their way to help a few boys work through their gates tests that will take them on to kayaking.  Of course, the gag pit was busy, and there were a couple of basketball games going on in the gym.  There were even a number groups taking in a round of disc golf that slowly took them all the way to lunch.  These four-week boys get it!  They love camp, and they know how they want to spend it.

The afternoon was the big hit of the day with “Zombie Apocalypse!”  It all started with a small scenario about how the zombies have infiltrated camp and what the different teams (cabins) can do to protect camp from the zombie invasion!  A true boys’ camp event!   The humans and zombies had a good give and take as humans became zombies and then were cured again.  The humans prevailed at the top of campfire in the end.  Camp High Rocks was safe again!  The pictures will show how much fun they had during the event.

We wrapped up with some music and a great story by Mark Birdsong.  What a great day! We are looking forward to another full week.  We kick off with welcoming in our Mini II guys in the morning while several trips will be heading out the door.  It is going to be another great one! I can’t wait to share the details.

Have a great night!




  1. July 18, 2016 by Maria

    Thank you for such thoughtful write-ups each evening!

  2. July 17, 2016 by Carmen H

    That looks like an absolute blast!!! Thank you for always providing such a great time for them!