The Interstices

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Even though our days are hot, at least for us in the mountains (mid- to upper 80s), nighttime temperatures drop into the mid 60s, which means that wakeup, cabin cleanup and breakfast are quite comfy.

It helps, too, since so many of us are eating early, packing up and jumping out on trips. Today saw a two-day hike, a mountain bike ride, a climb to Looking Glass, a swimming trip to Hooker falls and two river trips leave camp. One of the pleasures of being at camp is seeing the guys return later in the day, excitedly chattering about what they have accomplished, looking forward to the next time, and putting all the gear away before their fatigue slows them down a little, and only for a while.

As the day heats up, clouds build, bringing with them the chance of an afternoon or evening shower (much needed up here). Today the growling of thunder interrupted some afternoon activities, and another true pleasure of being at camp is seeing how your guys handle themselves as they shift to less- structured activities like basketball and four-square in the gym while we wait out the weather. In addition to having fun and being very active, such times allow the guys to take a more active role in deciding which rules they will play by, how they will enforce them– and how to negotiate the occasional disagreements! Counselors are always standing by, but it’s clear that the campers are growing into their own senses of responsibility outside of instructional activities as well as within them.

The older guys are doing a great job of making the new arrivals feel at home, whether they are helping them through the line in the dining hall, filling them in on camp traditions, or giving them personal instruction during activity hours. Here for less than two days, the Minis are indistinguishable from those who have been here weeks longer.

We’ll go to sleep tonight under a full moon, bright and beautiful. Look up where you are as well.

Good night,


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