Jumping for Camp!

Today’s Pictures

Our day was off to a busy start as we watched a group of paddlers and climbers both head out for two-day trips to some wonderful destinations. I really enjoy seeing the skills and advancement as we approach this part of the session. Many of the boys down at the range are working hard to advance in their ranks as well.  It is quite impressive to see these boys shooting archery at 40 yards!  It is pretty easy to understand that projectiles and adolescent boys go hand in hand.  What I also like to share with parents is the life skills they get out of these two activities.  You see shooting sports also teaches focus, attention to detail, muscle control, and relaxation…every time they take a shot. Guided by some awesome staff, these activities are great for young boys. And you know what, they love it! Try to do that in the classroom…

“Basketball with Bennett” has been a big hit this summer.  The renovation in the gym has inspired the boys to play a lot more basketball.  Bennett has been setting up basketball events all summer.  The boys are invited to participate in a two-hour time slot either in the morning or afternoon instead of their normal activities.  It has been a great addition to the program. This afternoon the boys met in the front lot while we loaded them up in the van.  As we “drove” them down to the gym for their basketball “trip”, we created a grand NBA style entrance.  As the van stopped in front of the gym, we jammed some Space Jam and I called out their names as they piled out of the van.  The guys loved it!  Of course, it was just one of those fun ideas we have that keep the boys on their toes; fantastic!

The Mini II boys continue to fold into camp nicely.  I enjoy watching them gain more confidence every day.  After a fun day in their activities, they enjoyed some age-group time on the soccer field and then joined the rest of the boys for a big fresh-made chocolate chip cookie and milk for snack on the lawn before heading back for a shower.  Not a bad end to a super-awesome day at camp.

Have a great night!  We sure are…

Don Gentle


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