THE Best Saturday!

Today’s Pictures

Saturdays are always great, but today was fantastic. Particularly for our four-week boys, the weekends are a great time to catch back up with everyone. Some of these guys miss several activities during the week because of trips or other events.  It is all part of their plan for the session.

The morning was filled with a fun and creative twist to most activities. Canoeing enjoyed some instruction and a few games that helped them with their skills, yer were a lot of fun.  The climbers were doing several adventure activities including the caving ladder and our famous “crate stacking day.”  While the boys are on belay, they take milk crates and try to stack them underneath as they climb up on to the next one. As an assistant tosses them a crate they continue to go higher.  It is a great task of balance, and skill.  Our hikers enjoyed some “car camping” day complete with lawn games and a “hillbilly” hot tub.  You take a tarp, a pick-up, and a hose; boom, you have a hot tub :).

We cooled off the afternoon at the 2:45 bell with root beer and Coke floats out in front of the dining hall. It was a big hit with many a “thank you.” From there the boys were off to their afternoon activities.  While the rain and thunder threatened around us, it never managed to get close enough to change our schedule.

Our choice period became “beautification hour” for the day as we prepared for the girls of Keystone Camp to come by for a square dance tonight.  I really enjoy seeing all the boys dressed for dinner nicely.  Even though we eat out on the lawn for Saturday night, it is always great to see clean shirts and showered boys.

The square dance was a fun event filled with everyone dancing.  We took a mid-dance break for come fresh made cookies and lemonade.  As the girls headed back to camp, the boys were satisfied with their busy day.  We are all looking forward to a little sleep-in tomorrow.

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