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After a restful Sunday, it is always great to get back into the rhythm of a normal schedule again.  Boys were up early and heading in all sorts of directions today.  Even several mini boys were heading out the door.

The Rolex Three Day Event kicked off today down at riding for the four week boys.  They will spend the next three days practicing jumping, dressage, and cross country.  Today’s jumping looked to be quite impressive.  Tomorrow they will hit the cross country course.

I enjoyed helping the fisherman with their fish fry this afternoon.  We cleaned about twenty bluegill the over the weekend.  Today, several of the boys scouts were able to complete their fishing merit badge by hitting this last step of cooking the fish they caught.  It was a complete farm to fork event.  These boys caught, cleaned, cooked, and finally ate their fish.  There were several other fisherman that took part as well.  It can be a big deal for some boys.  We take some time to talk a little about how this circle of life exists even right here at camp.  It sure was a lot of fun showing these boys all about some beer battered fish. Completing  Boy Scout merit badges is just one more of those advantages of the High Rocks program.  It takes a lot to stay up on these requirements for the boys, but many of these guys have completed merit badges right here at High Rocks.  While many of the skills and progressions fulfill the merit badge requirements, we have to take a couple extra steps to be sure we get a few others.  Cooking those fish today was a special step for a couple of guys.

The mini II boys had a fantastic day at camp. There was a large group of them hiking up to climb at the High Rocks this morning.  A natural rock formation just up the hill from main camp. After dinner these guys headed out for their “chill night!”  An evening of fun at sliding rock and then to the infamous Dolly’s Dairy Bar.  What a blast!

Half of the Upper Senior campers enjoyed an evening of golf across the road from High Rocks this evening.  I enjoyed my time with the guys in my group.  We all talked about the fun and how well or awful we shot.  Several of the boys played golf for the first time.  A great relaxing evening. The rest of the boys have an opportunity tomorrow night.

If you have not ordered a picture drive of all the images from the session in high resolution, you can still order one to have ready on closing day.  Email Mirenda at the office, office@highrocks.com.  We will have one ready for you on closing day.

It is hard to believe we only have a few more days left in camp.  You wouldn’t know it by the schedule.  It is still going full force here at High Rocks…all the way to the end.

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