A New Beginning

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It’s always something waking up in a new place. Have you ever done that? You wake-up thinking you are still at home and almost instantly realize your in a different place? I was talking with a couple guys about that this morning.  For just that split second they had forgotten that camp started yesterday. They were now in the cabin and ready for camp! It sure is a great place to wake-up!

The day began swiftly as the morning bell rang and Sumner belted out revelry from the dining hall roof! Soon camp was alive as I yelled out blindly “GOOD MORNING” to several cabins’ soon to hear a few muffled “good morning, Don!  Soon the boys made their way up to the dining hall for a tasty meal! I really enjoy the mornings at camp.  I almost feel like camp should start even earlier, but I am certain the boys up the hill would not agree.

The first assemblies of the session are always some of the loudest since everyone is here.  The boys have not yet moved on to all the various trips and opportunities.  Today was no exception as the boys sang out some of their favorites from the song book. I can’t think of any better way for a new camper to feel comfortable than to watch all the returners sing out the songs in assembly, from memory…mostly!  But more importantly, proud and excited to sing out to the morning and for everyone to hear.  There are no “cool cards” at camp, particularly at Camp High Rocks.  We all feel comfortable and spirited to be who we want to be, even if we aren’t quite sure what that means yet.

I am excited to see this new community come together.  We are still “tiptoeing” around these first few days.  Today was a perfect start to this fantastic journey.  I saw just the right amount of nervous, goofy, anxious behavior that you would expect out of a group of 165 boys suddenly squashed together in a world they know as camp. Our oldest group of campers carried themselves well as they made a point to make everyone feel included, accepted, and one of them.

Our oldest boys took off to the woods tonight to begin the first of many cabin overnights over the next few days.  It is always a great time!  It’s going to be a wonderful journey.  I am so excited to share it with you every night!

Until tomorrow,


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