Illahee Sunday

Today’s Pictures

Our first Sunday of the session certainly was a fun filled day. We started out slow and easy until our pallets were caressed with the delightful taste of Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  Of course, that got us very excited and ready for the day.

After a little bounce around at assembly, we headed down to the lake for our morning service. I shared with the boys a phrase that Paul Petzoldt coined back in 1965 during the infancy of NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School), Expedition Behavior; an awareness and attention to all relationships that influence an outdoor experience. What he was getting at is that after a few days from civilization, everyone starts to change. All that coolness that was buffed up at home or previous crutches are no longer valid, you must take or make your place in this new society based only on what you actually do and how you make yourself in this new community. I went on to discuss the key phrases including; respect, concern for others, helping others but not routinely doing their work, being honest and accountable, admitting and correcting our mistakes, and kind and open-hearted.  Camp is very much an expedition mostly away from society.  All of us are responsible for this community.  We all matter and we are all needed.  These same principles are used on NOLS trips today.

We spent the rest of our morning reflecting, relaxing, splashing and enjoying our world of camp. It was truly a fantastic morning!  We headed into a lunch that blew us away with southern fried chicken, mashed potatoes, beans, those wonderful yeast rolls, and a fantastic salad bar.  That took us into an extended rest hour while we waited for the anticipated event of the day.

After the rest hour bell, the Illahee Game Day began!  A fun filled day of coed games divided by age groups. It sure was a blast!  The girls from Camp Illahee were wonderful guests as well.  After games we all enjoyed a cookout on the lawn complete with burgers, hot dogs, and all the sides.

WE waved goodbye to the girls after dinner and headed up to campfire. Dan Noland told us one of my favorites, Sir Gowain and the Green Knight.  He is so good at storytelling, especially classics like this one.  A perfect story for boys camp!

It sure was a busy day! We are looking forward to another full and thrilling week ahead. I can’t believe our Mini boys have less than a week to go!

Have a great week!  We are certainly ready for ours!


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