Cabin Night

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Most all of camp headed out after dinner with just their cabin mates and counselor. The annual cabin night of the session is a great way to wrap up the session.  Every cabin picks a special place around camp to hang out and enjoy some time together.  It could be the water slide, hanging out on top of the tower, or just marshmallows around the fire.  Most of it is just some fun together with a little processing of the session at the end.  It is always time well spent.

The only group not to participate in cabin night were our Upper Seniors.  They all came down to the camp house for a big steak dinner and some wonderful time together.  We enjoyed some great company, reflected on the last four weeks, and talked about what their possible future might look like as campers, aides, and CT’s.  What a great group of guys. They were a little bunchy after all the meat, cheesecake, and soda, but we did talk about some great stuff from this past session.

It sure has been an incredible month and a wonderful two weeks with our Mini II guys.  I can’t believe it is wrapping up already.  Tomorrow afternoon we will begin our transition process by getting packed up, then one final all-camp color war event will take up the whole time after rest hour.  Finally, we will wrap up the session with a campfire, songs, and a story.  There will be a large group of boys receiving their 5-year backpack, and 10-year hand made Fritz Orr paddle.  I am so excited about tomorrow.

A friendly reminder… Parents’ Day is on Saturday.  Camper demonstrations will begin at 10:00 a.m. All families are invited to join us at that time for activity demonstrations and a light lunch around 11:30.  Please plan to arrive between 9:00 and 10:00 that morning.  We will load trunks at the gym and park on campfire hill, just past the gym.  You can come up outside the dining hall to listen to the boys belt out most of the songs from the songbook.  They usually come out around 9:30ish.

Even though we will load up your trunk in the car, I always like to remind folks about stopping by the cabin on closing day to be sure you pick up everything that is still on your son’s bed before you leave.

Don’t forget, if you enjoyed the pictures, you can still buy a flash drive of over 4500 pictures on closing day. We will have few extra. I will put up a short closing blog tomorrow night with some color war pictures. Safe travels and thank you again for sharing your children with us!

Don Gentle

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