The Mini II Guys are Here!

Today’s Pictures

What a fantastic day to welcome our Mini II campers!  The cool mountain air, blue skies with a few clouds, and the sailboats crossing the lake almost on cue just as parents were getting out of the car all made for a picture perfect drop-off this morning.  We are so excited they are here! It is a good mix of first-year and returners for the session.  The boys hit the ground running as everyone had arrived by 11:30.  They quickly toured camp, figured out their activity schedule and made a front-row dash for lunch.  After lunch they boys took care of swim tests, and got themselves organized for their first activity at 3:00 p.m. After dinner, they headed to the gym for some dodge-ball and run around time.

Our four-week boys are mid-stride in a session that just keeps on giving. By this phase of the session these boys work at camp like a well oiled machine. Cabin clean-up has become part of daily life that is like putting on shoes.  Most all of the boys have figured out a system of keeping up with their things and having it where they need it.  Packing for a daily trip is smooth and easy as the boys load up their boats and bikes to head out for another adventure like another day at school.  The rhythm is a marvel to watch.

We  welcomed and old friend back to camp this week.  She only came to work for one summer thirteen years ago. It left such an impact that she made a point to come back with her to show her son and help us out for a few weeks.  She said she would do whatever we asked.  She is an exceptional tennis coach that will be drilling the boys for the rest of the session.  What I enjoyed most was a conversation we had a lunch today.  She was so excited about being her and teaching, but she was most impressed by the boys that she taught today.  After a few morning sessions down on the courts, she was pleasantly surprised how every boy thanked her for the lesson and welcomed her to camp. It made me feel good about what we have going on here at High Rocks.  I felt like a proud parent that just received a complement about my child.

As the sun set the mini boys were right there with the rest of us on the hill enjoying our evening snack of warm soft buttered pretzels. We enjoyed a few laughs, tried to relax a bit, and did our best to get another pretzel before heading back to the cabin for the night.

Camp is good for the soul…

Don Gentle


  1. July 19, 2016 by Moira

    Camp is good for the soul.SO TRUE -as well as the entire High Rocks family. We appreciate your daily words and pictures. It makes me and my family feel a part of the excitement you are experience first hand. Thank you Camp High Rocks!!

  2. July 18, 2016 by barbara

    I am so grateful for this insightful commentary and these candid pictures.

    Thank you!