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The Best Ride Ever!

Today’s Pictures As promised, there are some great pictures from this afternoon’s color war event.  We divide camp into five teams of color and play a modified capture the flag type came that is a High Rocks original.  It sure … »

Wacky Hair Day

Today’s Pictures We hope you enjoy the fun wacky hair day pictures.  You never quite know what the day will bring.  We enjoyed a little wetness this morning, and then watched the sun come out.  It was a beautiful afternoon. … »

Way More Than Fun

Today’s Pictures We sure had a blast today.  While it has been a little wet, most of the rain has been overnight.  We have had a misty shower here and there, activities have been going full swing!  The sun was … »

Full Steam Ahead!

Today’s Pictures The parking lot was abuzz early as the paddlers left for a fully filled French Broad River after a wonderful rain storm all night long that had camp yawning mightily at breakfast. The mountain bikers rolled out to DuPont … »

Focus and Fun

Today’s Pictures I always tell the parents that projectiles and adolescent boys go hand in hand.  There are 115 boys signed up for riflery and archery.  The boys truly love this sport.  Even the dads on Father-Son Weekend get excited … »

It Really Was That Much Fun!

Today’s Pictures So Sunday’s at camp are always a little different.  We like to slow down a bit, think about the week we just completed and ponder on the week ahead.  This morning was definitely that kind of morning. There … »

A Fantastic Saturday

Today’s Pictures After two mornings of cloudiness, we enjoyed a wonderful sunny welcome to our day.  I enjoyed the little guys of Hillside Cabin wandering in from their cabin overnights.  It is really amazing that these guys can make it … »

What a Week

Today’s Pictures It is hard to believe that our first “work” week of camp is coming to a close already! These guys have now been living the camp life for five days and you can see a difference in how easily … »

A Cool Mountain Day

Today’s Pictures I was quite surprised today by my youngest daughter.  She mentioned last night that she wanted to get up to ring the bell. While this does not sound like a huge deal, you do not know my youngest. … »

Journey of Choice

Today’s Pictures While it wasn’t the first day of activities, it WAS the first day of activities the boys have chosen for the session.  The boys were super excited about heading out for a journey they created today.  Some were … »