Another Awesome Day

Today’s Pictures

My workday begins around 6:45 a.m. most days.  After getting up, I check to see if I have any parent emails that need sorting and then print out a quick agenda before our team meeting at 7:30 a.m. I always enjoy the quiet morning walk up to the dining hall for my meeting. The sun is peeking up over the mountains, and all is still quiet with just a few young staff out for their morning workouts like swimming, a quick trail ride, or even a run.  Typically, a couple of the youngest boys are already up and ready for the day. Occasionally, I get a whispery “Hi, Don.”  Today may have been the first time where I did not see this at the beginning of the session.  By the first full day, the boys are so ready for camp they can’t wait to get started.  We must have worn them out yesterday. You could smell the cinnamon toast about half way up the hill.  Remember cinnamon toast?  It is such an amazing item to add to breakfast!  I love it with a little coffee on a cool mountain morning. I stopped into the kitchen for a quick good morning to all of the awesome people that work with us there.  They had already pulled out the first batch of toast.  I grabbed one quickly and headed down to the windows to meet. That is where my first cup of coffee is poured :).

Our morning meeting is a key event here at High Rocks.  We talk about campers, staff, events, upcoming events, and even parents.  Team Noland (Woody and Dan) fill us in on a lot of camper life.  Will Johnson is the man with the plan.  He oversees all vehicles, activity coverage, and cabin coverage.  Zoob assists a little with this as well.  Townsend and Mirenda are the key team with office detail. We brief a little about some kitchen details, and even the health center.  I mostly take notes and go through the list. In 40 minutes we are all caught up on the community and ready to lead the day!  Just as the boys are ready to come in for breakfast we wrap it up and are off to this event called “camp!”

Today we had our first assembly after breakfast.  I love assembly; especially with this group!  We sang a few songs, then got the boys all ready with some motion songs. Nothing beats seeing a bunch of boys getting all goofy, bouncing around and singing some of the best camp songs. We wrapped up with a few announcements and got the boys all sorted for their second day of activity introductions and fun!

After a solid morning of activities, we enjoyed a little rain shower during lunch and a bit into rest hour.  Taco day was a big hit for day our second lunch of the session!  The rain cooled the air nicely as we headed back to cabins for our first rest hour.  This afternoon it was more of the same, and then off to dinner.  We enjoyed some fantastic chicken Parmesan, banana spice cake, spinach casserole, and a great salad bar.  A lot of the boys took advantage of the cut rolls to make chicken sandwiches if the Parmesan was not quite their speed.

Tonight the boys enjoyed some evening activity time with just their age-group.  Part of that time they took the opportunity to select their schedule for the rest of the session.  Tomorrow I will send off a letter letting you know your son’s schedule.  It’s going ot be a big day tomorrow!  I can’t wait!

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