A Fantastic Saturday

Today’s Pictures

After two mornings of cloudiness, we enjoyed a wonderful sunny welcome to our day.  I enjoyed the little guys of Hillside Cabin wandering in from their cabin overnights.  It is really amazing that these guys can make it out there and back with all of their stuff.  Their faces looked a little tired but accomplished as the marched up the hill to their cabin.

Our breakfast on Saturday has been pancakes for as long as I can remember. Today was no different.  In the kitchen, Nathan whips up a scratch-made buttermilk batter for the cakes and makes them on the flattop just like you should.  He also tosses about three rounds of hashbrowns on the flattop.  If you add in some fresh cut fruit, blueberries, yogurt, bacon, and assorted cereals it is quite an event.  The boys loved it as much as I did!

After breakfast the morning seemed to go quickly from assembly through morning activities.  It is really great to see how much the boys are advancing. I followed one mountain bike group out on the trail this morning.  They were doing a fantastic job ripping it up around the trails of camp.

Lunch brought us to the best pizza ever!  We start out with a standard crust that covers the entire sheet-pan.  Then comes the sauce.  Finally, the cheese.  There is so much cheese on this pizza, it is amazing.  Boys had a choice between two time honored selection of just plain cheese (or should I say extra cheese) and pepperoni.

After a busy afternoon and a short rain shower, it was time to relax out on the lawn for dinner.  We had a wonderful meal of sliced turkey, salami, chips, and all the sides.  A great way to spend dinner.  Most everyone enjoyed some evening activities out and about while Lakeside headed out for the last of the cabin overnights.

There are a bunch of images from sliding rock last night to kick off the slideshow, then all sorts of fun from today!  Keep the mail coming until about Tuesday.  Regular mail takes a little bit to get.  Plan on sending your last letters on Tuesday at the latest.

It was another fantastic day here at camp. And to think, we still have a week to go!

Have a great night!


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