The Best Ride Ever!

Today’s Pictures

As promised, there are some great pictures from this afternoon’s color war event.  We divide camp into five teams of color and play a modified capture the flag type came that is a High Rocks original.  It sure was a ton of fun.  In the end we all shared Popsicles on the top of campfire hill.

During these last two weeks we have laughed and even cried a little.  We have had fun and been frustrated.  We have played hard and even had a moment of pause from time to time when things didn’t pan out as planned. We have been so dirty our own mothers would turn us away. We made new friends that we will not see again for 50 weeks.  When we meet them again it might take us maybe three minutes and it will feel like we have been together the whole time.  It has been one heck of a ride!

Tomorrow your boys will be very excited to see you, yet they may not want to leave.  Give them a hug (even if they are a little stinky) and just let them show you the way around camp for a bit.  Ask some questions, but mostly just listen.  Listen for the confidence, the joy, the pride, and all the fun. It was a great two weeks in these mountains.

Until next year…

Don and Elizabeth “Zoob” Gentle

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  1. August 12, 2016 by Gary

    What a great two weeks for our son! Thanks Camp High Rocks!