It Really Was That Much Fun!

Today’s Pictures

So Sunday’s at camp are always a little different.  We like to slow down a bit, think about the week we just completed and ponder on the week ahead.  This morning was definitely that kind of morning. There was a little rush to my day because I had to be sure to prep the mud field for our late morning arrival.  After that, I took a moment out by the bell and enjoyed a cup of coffee as I listened to the quiet of camp in the morning. Since I did not have a meeting, I had about thirty minutes to just sit and enjoy myself.  I was truly thankful for that moment and I hope to to have more of those in the future. I think it is also important that the boys here are not going to take those moments either unless presented to them.  Even then, it is more training than actual substance.  We did take a quiet morning down at the lake as we sang a few songs and Zoob shared some thoughts for us. Our hope is that, with training, these boys were learn that slowing down is important as is thinking about all the opportunities, challenges, and frustrations we just went through the past few days. It’s good for all of us.

The end of the morning took us back into a flurry of excitement.  I enjoyed the age-group games that the boys were playing. There is nothing that excites the boys more than a good game of capture the flag, or even our own made-up game of “canoe fill-ups.”  There were a few other field games in the process as well, but I didn’t quiet make it that far to see their plans.  I did enjoy the march to the mud pit. I think boys and mud is right up their with projectiles.  The two go hand in hand.  It is truly fantastic to see the transition that happens when these boys approach the march through the pit.  Some boys are fine with one pass.  Several take a little bit to warm up to the idea.  Still others are not content until they have made several passes. I made a pass in the pit myself today.  It is quiet enjoyable.  They even talked Zoob into the pit.  It was truly an amazing morning.

Our afternoon was filled with the annual carnival. An event that allows the boys to play some traditional games of skill, bounce in the bounce house, face painting, coffee sack races, or even drop your counselor in the dunk tank.  After a couple ours of the carnival fun, we sent the boys back to showers and clean clothes.

After dinner, we squeezed in a campfire up on the hill complete with songs and a story.  It was cut short just before the rain that may fall all night.  The timing couldn’t be more perfect.  I sure hope you enjoy all of the pictures today.  It really was a ton of fun.



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