Chris Dorrity Pens 2nd Edition of Rumbling Bald Guide

rumblingbaldChris Dorrity has been heading up our rock climbing program for more than TEN YEARS!  He has spent the better part of his life climbing. Everything he does in life is basically a step to get him on his next rock climbing trip.  His first summer with us was way back in 2004, and he has been here almost every year since then. He has been a strong addition to out program here at High Rocks.

Chris has climbed all the United States and across the world.  He boats over 200 climbing areas that he has visited.  He began climbing very young and grew to enjoy mostly sport climbing, though he has enjoyed classic traditional places like Yosemite.

This second addition of his Rumbling Bald Guide has been a long journey.  I must admit, it was well worth the wait.  With over 500 pages, the book has excellent maps, trail routes, and descriptions.  It is a fantastic book!  Way to, Chris!  It is a masterpiece!

Chris currently lives in Knoxville, TN with his wife Laura.  He continues to teach physical education and climb whenever he can.  We are looking forward to the next generation of Dorrity; we just heard that Laura is expecting!

It sure has been great having Chris on leadership staff! We look forward to seeing his family grow.  If you want to pick up the guide, you can get here at BrayackMedia.

Give a shout out to Chris once you pick it up. I am sure he would appreciate the review.

All the best,

Don Gentle


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