New Camper Blog – Packing for the First Time


Hello New Campers and New Parents!

Welcome to our New Camper Blog Series. We want to help you feel more comfortable about coming to camp. Over the next few weeks we will be giving you tips and tricks on all things camp. We want you to know the ins and outs of Camp High Rocks before you even get here!

Let’s give you some insider tips on useful items for camp! These items will make your time at Camp High Rocks smooth sailing. Check out our list below!



  • RAINCOAT– we sure do love rain and will often play in it so bring something to cover up
  • FLASHLIGHT – being able to see where you are going at camp is important
  • BACKPACK OR DAY BAG – this can be huge for those out of camp trips or simply to carry around your water bottle all day long
  • EXTRA SOCKS –  socks get wet or get dirty more often than you think – do yourself a solid and bring more than you think you will need
  • 3 TOWELS – the more the merrier (no one wants to use a wet towel)… don’t worry camp does laundry every week to keep them nice and clean
  • CRAZY CREEK – a foldable chair for morning assembly or to hang out in around the campfire
Where can you buy these items? Check out our online camp store. We sell crazy creeks, water bottles, socks and more. Grab your camper the latest cool swag!


Campers, you and your parents should go through every piece of clothes you are bringing to camp and label them with your first AND last name! Clothes tend to get a little jumbled up at camp and if you want your clothes back then label away! Get friendly with a sharpie or (director hint: make sticky labels).

Parents this tip is for you! Show your campers where you packed things and what you packed. This can make getting dressed and ready each morning a little easier. In a later blog post, we will talk more about how to pack.


Need a complete list of what to pack? Check out our Packing List link below. We want you to be prepared for camp and anything camp life throws your way! 
Click Here for 2017 Packing List


That concludes our first New Camp Series Blog. We hope you found it informative and filled with lots of sweet tips! Please give us a ring or send us an email if you have questions. Our next installment of this blog will be on: ACTIVITY SCHEDULING


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