Wake-UP: It’s More Than You Think!

We started off welcoming some of the overnight camping groups back first thing this morning before the wake-up bell.  The older guys have this routine down.  They were back in their cabins a cleaned up in plenty of time.  I will try to get some good pictures of the little guys coming back on Friday morning.

The first canoeing trip headed out to the Tuckaseegee River today.  They had a blast warming up on a river most of these boys have done before but usually enjoy practicing their skills.  I enjoyed having this group eating an early breakfast this morning.  They were a big help with the wake-up bell.  

For the cabin groups, the day starts at 7:45 am.  For many of our counselors, though, the day may begin a little early.  Sometimes just a quick fifteen minutes before the bell may be the only time to shower.  Once that bell rings, it is time to get moving.  We have the boys focus the first fifteen minutes on personal items; get up, get dressed, make your bed, clean up your stuff.  Then the group event begins.  It’s time to take out the wet items, bring in the dry stuff, sweep, mop, trash out, and finally clean the bathroom. A final look about and then it’s lights out and up to breakfast.  I’m not sure how things go in your house, but that is a lot to do in thirty minutes.

If you stop by the youngest cabins, the bed making is sometimes the best part!  Watching these boys go a few rounds with sheets and a comforter is quite an event. Of course, the counselors help, but he usually gives them some time to try to figure it out.  These youngest guys are also the most eager.  Some even get up early to start cleaning.  What they typically lack in skill, they make up for in enthusiasm. They are all about cleaning as long as it’s not their stuff and it involves a cool tool, like a broom or mop.

The oldest guys have great skills but usually, lack the motivation.  Most of the effort is getting them out of bed.  Once they are up, they can typically complete the task in just under 15 minutes.

So this is just the first thirty minutes of a counselor’s day.  Then it’s all-day instruction time, meals, evening activity, showers,  teeth brushing, lights-out, and then reading.  Almost all the counselors read to their boys at night.  It is such a wonderful way to calm them down and even motivate them to get their chores finished.  Many of the boys try to say they don’t like it, but once it starts they are all in.

Today sure was another awesome day in High Rocks Land.  A beautiful sunny day in the mountains with a nice breeze and plenty to do.  

There was a nice sprinkling rain that started around 8:15 pm. A perfect way to wrap it up and head back to cabins. Tomorrow will be another big day with trips heading in multiple directions.  There are two High Rocks climbing trips and two French Broad River canoeing trips heading out.

Have a great night!

Don Gentle

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