Camp is Magical!

After several damp days in our temperate rain forest setting, it was as if a spell had been cast with the rise of the sun. A strong and steady breeze blew delightful temperatures under a cloudless sky all day. Camp was already in a good mood and today boosted things to a happy frenzy. 

At the end of our second week, our schedule was fierce with tons of campers heading out of camp to put hard earned skills to use. This may also mean that your camper is scarce in pictures tonight because they worked their way onto a cool trip! The canoers busted out of camp on that first early breeze bound for Section 2 of the Chattooga. A wild and scenic river set back deep in the woods and forming the part of the state border between South Carolina and Georgia, the Chattooga really feels like you have escaped civilization on a wilderness adventure. Its a long day of rock shoals, extended rapids, and excellent swimming holes. The crew was just in time for dinner back at camp and looking exhaustedly happy with themselves. Our hikers had a full day out in Pisgah doing the hike up to the top of Looking Glass. They were rewarded with a wonderful view and a cooling wind for a lunch stop while the guys got to savor some quality mountain living.

A team of little guys crowded into the climbing van and headed off to Pilot Rock for a full day spent on some excellent beginner routes. The excited chatter was just as loud on the return trip and I don’t believe there was any drop in energy levels in those young men. There was a bit more of a swagger to their step though and they were ready for our evening meal to start just as soon as possible. Mountain bikers had a big day out with a group of their biggest riders covering many miles in Dupont. Not many guys are capable of a full day of riding trail and I was very impressed to see those same fellas setting an energetic tone at dinner and leading the charge into our evening activities. The two weeks of active camp living is paying off for staff and campers alike!

I would be remiss if I did not mention our dinner and evening activity as well. Activities were working hard in camp throughout the afternoon to finish ongoing projects, zero in on shooting goals, and enjoying a ride out on some of our trails. In the midst of this action, the dining hall was mysteriously shrouded from view and magically transformed into the dining hall of Hogwarts! Four houses had their own tables and were served by a host of professors and characters from Harry Potter. Snape and Bellatrix inspired fear while serving drinks and casting evil spells. Harry and friends set things right with wands, owls, and specialty cupcakes made for each house. 

After a rowdy dinner, camp set forth on a wizarding quest in search of various costumed counselors in an effort to complete a scavenger hunt capped off with a chase of the Golden Snitch. A worthy day to wrap up our second activity week and one that should have all of the guys knocked out early and hard tonight. Enjoy the pictures and we will see you back here tomorrow.

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