Color War!!!

It’s hard to believe that three weeks have already passed. What an incredible group of young men.  We played hard, we laughed hard, we cried a little, we even danced a bit. Your son has made new friends and strengthened old relationships. He is more self-reliant. He has even learned a little bit more about himself.  I love what High Rocks can do for a young man.

Life without electronics for a few weeks solid is hardly a small gesture in today’s society.  Not only is it expected, it is accepted.  Sure the boys miss their handy pocket computer.  I do too.  But to watch every one of these guys have real conversations, look each other in the eye, and just lay in the cabin and laugh about senseless boy humor; it’s amazing! I truly believe that summer camp at High Rocks is more than just a fun place to be for a few weeks. It’s life skills that are offered in a fun and meaningful way, in a community that is accepting of everyone.  Your son may not have a clean shirt in his trunk, or even a pair of socks that still match.  He does have more confidence, more skills, and a heap of stories to tell.  I can’t wait for you to hear them.

Final campfire is always one of my favorite moments. We finished up our three part seriesWe gave out 16 five-year High Rocks backpacks and one ten-year Fritz Orr paddle

I wish everyone safe travels tonight and tomorrow.  Again, things will get started around 10:00 AM.  It looks like there is a good chance of rain, so bring an umbrella.  I am sure your son will still want to show you around. Feel free to come in a few minutes early, load up your trunk, park, and come over to see the guys singing down by the lake.  It’s a hoot to hear these guys sing their way through most of the songbook tomorrow morning.  After you meet up with your son, be sure to hunt down your son’s cabin counselor.  He has a lot to tell you about these last three weeks.  Your son’s counselor may be helping out in activity, so be sure to stop by to see him.

Make sure you stop by the cabin to get any of the items that were not in the trunk.  If your son went did pottery or crafts, he will also have projects to pick up.  Everyone needs to check out at the office before leaving as well.  Most importantly, stay for lunch and enjoy your time here.  Your son sure did!

I am looking forward to seeing all of you tomorrow. 


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  1. June 30, 2017 by Frost

    Absolutely love this post…”Your son may not have a clean shirt in his trunk or even a pair of socks that still match. He does have more confidence, more skills and a heap of stories to tell.” Thank you Don. Zoob, Woody, Townsend and the entire staff who make the experience of a lifetime happen every day at High Rocks!