It Feels Like Summer!

I enjoyed being able to get out and about this morning during instruction time!  I took the opportunity to shoot a few pictures while Alana, our primary photographer, was on assignment at the High Rocks today. I was super impressed with all the skills the boys were learning today.  Their paddling, sailing, shooting, and even their crafting.  I was most impressed with the mountain biking staff today.  Every once in a while a boy will come to camp and want to mountain bike. The one caveat preventing him from doing so? He has not learned to ride a bike.  Today was one of those days.  We taught a boy how to ride a bike!!!  Pure joy and excitement.  I’m not sure he wants the word to get out, but when I saw him later in the day and mentioned it, he did sort of smile as we shared a healthy fist bump.

Today was the first day it felt like summer may be upon us.  The day was fairly warm.  It was around 82 degrees.  I know you are laughing already, but it did feel a little toasty for us.  Today was also the first day we had peaches available for a snack.  For me, that is the first sign of summer.  The first peaches of the year are a little small, but they sure are tasty.  As you can imagine, these boys eat constantly.  Cold honey crisp apples (from right here in North Carolina) are available most days.  I find them very refreshing, especially with a little handful of salty Cheez-It or shoe string potatoes.  Both have been on the snack table the last couple of days. I had about four peaches this afternoon.  Truly a delight!

We did have a gully washer during lunch and rest hour today.  I think it rained about four inches in an hour!  Our afternoon activities were still off and running.  The bonus was the drop in temperature.  The sun came right back out for the rest of the day.  

Most importantly, our cabin overnights were still on schedule!  The last of the overnights went out, which means typically the youngest guys.  We like to give them a few more nights of routine before throwing in something new.  So tonight they all headed out for their evening in the woods.  The rest of camp enjoyed some water slide and rope swing, games in the gym, and a group did some super-fun games on the field.

We wrapped up the day with soft pretzels on the lawn right out of the oven!  Some buttery, salty loveliness to wrap up the day.  I need to wrap this up since I am already late.

Don’t forget to show off your pictures of High Rocks!  On a desktop just right click on an image and share or save.  For mobile on both android and apple, typically just hold your finger on the picture to share or save it. tag us @camphighrocks…

One final note. I need some millennial help. I am looking for about four or five Alexa families to start beta testing our High Rocks Alexa skill. We are putting together a skill that will allow our families to check in for details about their son, like schedule, and even trips.  We are even hoping have daily audio news briefings. Once it is finished, the Alexa skill will be able to answer questions like “What is happening at camp today?” or What is my son’s schedule today?” “Alexa. What is the menu for lunch today?”  Anyhow, drop me an email if you want to help out.  We will get started next week.

Have a fantastic Friday Everyone!  We are certain to have a blast!  Thanks for sharing your boys with us!

Don Gentle

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