First Day of Activities!!!

High Rocks Summer Gallery

The silence of the beautiful mountain morning was pierced with the sounds of the wake-up bell followed by an incredible “GOOD MORNING HIGH ROCKS!”  I was proud to be involved in the bellowing chant.  Soon the trumpet sounds of revelry were playing up on senior hill as the day began here at camp! We were so excited!

After our breakfast of eggs, bacon, fresh cut fruit, yogurt, blueberries, and assorted cereals, we were off to assembly! It was then time for our first activities of the day and then lunch.  I was relegated to the office for a series of details to keep things running and everyone well informed.  Part of that involved our detailed tripping database where we upload all of the boys’ schedules and make sure activities have their role sheets for all the classes. A lot of the process happens right after sign-ups and then late into the evening on the first day, but we still had a few more details to finish up.  One of those important items was making sure you were able to know your son’s schedule.  I hope you all received the letter from Zoob and me regarding your son’s schedule among a few other details.  Please touch base with me if you did not get it.

After lunch, we enjoyed a little quiet time and off to our afternoon activities.  Of course, the entire day was fantastic, but I really enjoy being around camp during choice period.  Our 5 pm choice period included swimming, canoeing, sailing, crafts, basketball and four square in the gym, tennis, bouldering, disc golf, a kickball game, board games on the deck, and a nature hike. My favorite was “Classical Gaga.” It was really an impressive site to watch the campers playing in the Gaga arena to the sounds of Wagner’s “Flight of the Valkyries!”  The dust rising from the pit, boys rushing around with intense vigor as they avoided the ball while still going in for an offensive blow… There was an almost epic scene about it.  Of course, you can just add that to the “things I learned at Camp High Rocks” list.  They even learn to appreciate classical music :)…

We had some fantastic evening programs tonight that included the rope swing, canoe fill-ups, dodgeball in the gym, and a couple of field games.

We could not have asked for a better first full day of camp!  There are a virtual TON of pictures tonight.  I would say we are warmed up for pictures.  Feel free to share all the awesomeness of High Rocks on social media.  We love the attention!

I think that is plenty for today.  Have a great night. -Don



  1. June 12, 2017 by Sandra

    Such joy and excitement from returning and new campers yesterday So grateful our grandsons are creating memories to last a lifetime

  2. June 12, 2017 by Sandra

    In just dropping off our grandsons atHigh Rocks yesterday, one could feel the excitement and joy of the campers whether they were returning or they were new to camp. Everyone was so welcoming and the process was so organized tho not regimented!This is the third year we have been fortunate enough to be the “designated drivers” for bringing the boys to High Rocks. It is such a wonderful place…the setting, the philosophy, the staff , the activities, the camaraderie….So grateful our boys have this experience of creating memories that will last a lifetime.