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Welcome back to the New Camper Blog Series! Thank you for reading our blog posts – we will have just a few more before the summer is underway. If this is your first new camper blog, we have three other in our series so far. Links to our previous post are at the end of this blog, enjoy!

Let’s dive right into a few tips for talking about Camp High Rocks with your new camper(s)!  This New Camp Blog is meant to give you tools to set your camper up for success. We try to keep these tips short and simple but impactful!

Give Them Information

Talking with your camper about camp – discuss what it will be like, anything from meals, to where they will sleep or where the bathrooms are (hint: in their cabins).  The more they feel included and knowledgeable about camp – the better! A lot of this information can be found in our New Camper Blog, online at our website, or in the parent guide button at the end of this blog post.

The Favorite Stuffed Animal Talk

Does your son has a favorite stuffed animal? Bring it!  Our counselors have stuffed animals and so will many of the boys at camp. Talk to your son about his stuffed animal and let him know he will not be the only one with it at camp. Bringing a stuffed animal is encouraged!

Express Your Confidence in Them

Kids look to their parents to understand and get guidance on how they should feel. Therefore, what you say about camp matters! If you are excited about camp and you express that to your child – it will help them feel excited as well. As you well know, your kids look up to you for approval and guidance! Guide them in a way that helps them feel excited and ready for camp. (These blogs are a great resource for talking with your kids – show them our other blogs and let them feel prepared and excited for what is to come!)

Talk About Homesickness

It is perfectly natural for campers to experience some degree of homesickness while at camp.  Typically these feelings are infrequent during the day and will go away after a day or two.  Talk to your camper about a time you felt homesick and what you were able to do that helped you feel better.  Let them know that their counselors will be there to help!

Tips for Homesick

  1. Avoid “pick up deals”. If a camper thinks they can be picked up at any time, often they do not try at camp. We ask parents to steer clear of these deals with their campers as it fuels their homesickness.
  2. Knowledge is Power! Talking about camp, like we said above, can help campers feel more comfortable about coming! Watch our online videos, read the camper blogs, and look through photos online. 
  3. Spend Time Away from Home. Spending a night away or a long weekend can help them build confidence in being away from home. 
  4. Keep Doubts to Yourself.  Giving you camper your vote of confidence will mean a lot to him. Let him know you love him and you believe he can do it and he will have a great time! (He will!)
  5. It is Normal! Mild homesickness is normal for campers. It typically lasts a day or two and then is forgotten due to the number of new friends and fun activities they enjoy.

Have more questions or want to know a few more tips on talking about camp with your campers? Give us a call at (828) 885-2153 or email us at If you take away one piece of information from this blog post, let it be – involve your campers in the process of preparing for camp from packing to discussing what to expect when they arrive.

Link to Parent Guide (2017)

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