The Weekend!

While we do not need to long for the weekend like most of the world outside of camp, the weekends do bring us all back together.  During the week we run in a lot of different directions, so it feels nice to have everyone home again and hanging out together. Even today, we had a group over to DuPont for a mountain biking trip and our paddler’s first Green River trip of the season.  

The Green River is a fantastic teaching river.  It is not uncommon for multiple camps to be there on the same day.  Today was no exception, there were at least four other camps that the boys saw on the river during their trip.  I was excited to see our new fleet of Esquif Canoes hit the water today.  I feel like summer camp is the only place that teaches canoeing anymore, and High Rocks does it very well.  We have a river trip out every day next week.  They had a great day on the river!

The climbers had another great morning trip up to the High Rocks.  These 40-foot boulders are a perfect place to get the feel of real rock and not have to worry about anyone being there.  Just like in paddling, we will have climbing trips going out every day next week.

We wrapped up the evening with our Friday night Skit Night.  All of the cabins come up with a skit to present to the group.  Many are quite funny!  It was a perfect way to roll into the weekend!

Tomorrow looks to be another fantastic day!  I look forward to sharing it with you.  Don’t forget to write often. If you have not seen enough of your boy in pictures, be sure to tell him to get in front of the camera.

Have a great night.


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