We Love Mondays

What an exciting Monday!  The day started out with a bang with a number of kids eating early to get a fresh jump on the day.  Our climbers are typically this first group out the door every day.  We pride ourselves on getting the climbing route of choice by being the first one at the rock every day.  Our climbers typically eat around 7:30 so they can be ready and out the door by 8:30!  That is a quick start!

The paddlers also had an early start as our second group of Green River paddlers were heading down the road!  Again, they will work hard on their tandem canoe skills with hopes of a more advanced river next week.

Our hikers were busy today too.  We had a number of guys packing for their three-day trip to High Pisgah.  It took them a little more to pack, but they still had plenty of time to hike. They will head out for three-day and hit some peaks at almost 5000ft!

Mountain biking took off for a quick trip to DuPont this morning as well.  What an incredible place to mountain bike, and it is right in our back yard.  

The perfectly timed rain came right during rest hour and trickled around in and out during afternoon activities, but we were still going strong. It was a fantastically cool day around the Mid-seventies most of the day.

This evening our first group headed out for their “chill night” in Pisgah.  Each age group will have an opportunity to get chilly at the infamous Sliding Rock.  To make sure they are chilled enough, we will hit another infamous landmark called Dolly’s Dairy Bar for a little post-slide ice cream.  I saw them all return tonight cool and excited!

We have our typical picture link below, but you can also check out a quick highlight reel of the first week! Check it out below! It sure is a blast having your son here! We will keep the fun coming your way as well.

Have a great night!

Don Gentle

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