Cabin Night and Upper Senior Steak Dinner

Today was the last full day of activities.  There were still a number of trips including the Nantahala trip for paddlers, back to DuPont for some more mountain biking, and another hike today.

There will be a number of demonstration in some of our main activities on Saturday.  Be sure to stick around to see the horseback riding drill team, the canoe and kayak demo, and more show from hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing.

We all had a great time with our cabins this evening.  Each cabin group picked different places in camp to hang out and have one last moment together.  The lake was a big hit as were most of the fire rings around camp.  I enjoyed the annual upper senior steak dinner.  Woody cooked up over fifty 20oz ribeye steaks for the boys.  We had all sorts of great dies and some great conversation.  What a great night with a wonderful group of young men.  Some of these boys have been here eight and nine years.

It sure has been an incredible month and a wonderful two weeks with our Mini II guys.  I can’t believe it is wrapping up already.  Tomorrow afternoon we will begin our transition process by getting packed up, then one final all-camp color war event will take up the whole time after rest hour.  Finally, we will wrap up the session with a campfire, songs, and a story.  There will be a large group of boys receiving their 5-year backpack, and 10-year hand made Fritz Orr paddle.  I am so excited about tomorrow.

A friendly reminder… Parents’ Day is on Saturday.  Please wait until 9:15 to arrive.  We will get things going a little after 10:00 with demonstrations, displays, and lunch!  Even though we will load up your trunk in the car, I always like to remind folks about stopping by the cabin on closing day to be sure you get everything that is still on your son’s bed before you leave. 

Don’t forget, if you enjoyed the pictures, you can still buy a high-resolution gallery download subscription and a flash drive of over 4500 pictures on closing day. If you would like one, please email Darby tonight or in the morning (

I will put up a closing blog and a few color war pictures tomorrow. Safe travels!  I look forward to meeting with all of you.


Today’s Pictures

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  1. July 28, 2017 by Diane

    Thank you for sharing daily photos of the activities of the campers. Love seeing my grandson Kevin McCarthy,
    kayaking, playing tennis -which he loves, sailing and challenging something new. When he was 8 at camp I wondered what he was thinking the first night in a strange bed and hearing new sounds. Now he is 16 at High Rocks standing taller with that same smile. Your daily newsletters are most enjoyable.Thank you