Color War!!!

We took it to the final minutes of the session.  Still going strong all day long.  The biggest excitement of the day was color war.  The boys divide into five different teams and play a capture-the-flag style game that really gets them going. It sure was a lot fo fun!

Tonight at campfire, we gave out twenty-five,  5-year backpacks, and five 10-year Fritz Orr paddles. It was an honor to hand these out to the boys this evening.  My hope is that every camper makes it to their backpack year.

It certainly was a wonderful session and a great month (or two weeks) for these boys.  If you make it by 9:30 you will still be able to hear the boys singing in assembly. Hopefully, he will have a clean shirt on. He will definitely have longer hair.  He will also have some mixed feelings about leaving camp and being excited to see you. He will definitely be tired.  He will also stand a little taller, have some friends to introduce, and even want to show you some of what he learned.

Thank you again for trusting us to mentor your son for these weeks.  It is always an adventure and always a privilege. I look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow.

Don Gentle

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  1. July 29, 2017 by Tim

    “11 more months until I come back” – Burd

  2. July 29, 2017 by Katy

    Thank you, High Rocks, for another great summer! We love you all!