A Fine Summer Day

It definitely felt like summer today!  Our cool morning turned into wonderful heat!  While I use the term “hot” to mean about 85 degrees, I realize many of our families are feeling a little more heat than that.  All I can say is the boys love it!  There was a consistent breeze that allowed the sailboats move all day long and, of course, make the day feel a little cooler.

We had seven trips head out the door today.  Several of our boys headed up to headed up to the “High Rocks” for a half-day climbing trip.  It is a great trip that allows the boys to hike to their destination and never have to get in the van.  The short hike takes you to a wonderful site where the boys have a few routes to climb.  It is a great introduction trip. We ran a morning and afternoon trip.

We also had two different canoe trips out the door today. Some of our boys were over on the Green River, while others were out on their first trip to The French Broad. The frequent rain in the area has kept these rivers flowing nicely into July.

Our hiking program had two trips head out the door this morning.  Both our three-day and our five-day trip hit the trail today.  Both will keep the boys out of camp and in the woods for a number of days.  Take a good look at the boys pictured above.  We will not see them until Friday afternoon! We look forward to hearing the stories of their adventures. 

In camp, the sailors enjoyed a near perfect sailing day for every hour!  The boys in crafts headed over to the wood shop to begin their week-long woodworking project.  Everyone else continued to practice the skills and continue the adventure!

Tonight, our oldest age group of boys will head out for the infamous “Chill Night.”  They will head over to Pisgah and enjoy the natural water slide called “Sliding Rock,” and then head over to Dolly’s ice cream bar for the final piece of the “chill.”  The rest of the boys enjoyed some great games in camp including the water slide, rope swing, and our own game of “canoe fill-ups.”  You can’t beat the thrill of loading four guys in a boat, two with paddles and two with buckets. You then send them out to fill each other’s boat up until it tips!  Pure joy in a boy’s world!

On a side note, now that the holiday week is over, it is time to start thinking about camp!  I wanted to remind you that the summer is THE best time to visit camp for families that are considering High Rocks. There is no better time to see our camp in action, meet the staff and directors, and even meet the boys who attend here.  If you have friends or family in the area this summer, be sure to tell them to set up a tour of High Rocks.  You can send them this Tour Link!

That should do it for tonight!  I hope you all are having a good start to your week!  We have a lot more in store for ours.


Today’s Pictures

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