Freedom Camp!

Happy Independence Day!  WE were FREE to have an awesome day at High Rocks!  Our morning wake-up was just a bit different than the typical bell for most days.  We missed the opportunity last year, but we usually wake up to a little patriotic music, a few decorations, and then the fun.  We added a few rounds of mortars this morning to get the boys excited about the day.  Be sure to check out our Freedom Wake-UP video on our Facebook page.

As we went about in our first day of activities everything was sprinkled with a little bit of red, white, and blue cheer. The boys took off at full speed after assembly.  Many of the boys were just reviewing a few items before getting right back into their activities from almost a year ago.  I really enjoyed seeing the guys pick back up right where they left off.  We will have a number of trips heading out the door tomorrow.

Tonight we enjoyed an all-camp event called Freedom Games.  Each age group rotates around our large athletic field participating in several cool activities like coffee bag races, dodgeball relay, and the crab crawl.  After some snack up on the hill, the boys headed back to the cabin for a shower.  We rang the bell to bring them all back down to the lake for our annual fireworks show.  As a licensed pyrotechnic professional, I have to oversee the event from start to finish.  It really was a great time.

It sure was a great day! I hope you enjoyed your freedom as well.

Have a great night,



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  1. July 5, 2017 by Jennifer

    Love the blog Don!!! Thank you!