Hurricane Day!

One of my favorite in-camp hiking classes happened today.  They call it “Hurricane Day.”  Imagine if you will, a simple class of advanced hikers going through a review of how to set up their tarps.  Several of these boys had done it for a few years.  A couple of the guys were definitely new at it.  The staff gives them some pointers and the let the boys set up their shelter tarps in what they feel is an appropriate design and location.  Now the fun part begins, the hurricane! First, a little rainfall (hose), then some wind kicks in (leaf blower).  Finally, the rain has turned into wind-blown rain. Meanwhile, there is a constant background of thunder (staff banging on a metal trash can), and even a little hail (cups of ice falling from the sky).  The whole chaotic event continues as the boys have to make small adjustments to their tarp and then run back to safety.  This event continues on for a solid 20 minutes.  What a sight to see. A fun and eventful way to learn how to be sure you have set your shelter up appropriately; experiential education at its best!

The tripping program was in full force today! We had boys heading to Lookin Glass for rock climbing.  They were out the door by 8:30 a.m.! We pride ourselves on never getting turned away because someone has taken our route.  The boys get up early, eat a quick breakfast and out they go!  The paddlers headed out to the Green River today.  Many of these guys will be heading out to several more rivers over the session in both canoes and kayaks.  The hikers had a great time on a day hike up to High Pisgah!  Finally, the kids in swimming had a fun trip to a watering hole in DuPont State Forest this afternoon.  The boys are having a blast!

We had a few more cabin overnights head out tonight for an evening of pita pizzas, smores and time around the campfire.  I look forward to hearing the stories from our Connestee boys tomorrow morning! It is always the young one ones that have the best stories to tell.  I will keep you posted.

Until tomorrow,

Don Gentle

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