Keystone Dance

Saturdays are always great, but today was fantastic. Particularly for our four-week boys, the weekends are a great time to catch back up with everyone. Some of these guys miss several activities during the week because of trips or other events.  It is all part of their plan for the session.

It was also a great first week with the Mini II guys!  They have enjoyed working hard on at all of their activities.  It has been great to see these boys enjoy camp!

Today we had several fun events going on in camp.  Shooting sports mostly took the day to play an awesome stalking event the ends with a Mision Impossible-like “thriller,”  where the boys have to simulate defusing a bomb to save the world.  It was a really clever story and a fun game.  The boys really enjoyed it.

The hikers had car camping day complete with yard games a hot dog roast and a “hillbilly hot tub.”  Some of the rock climbing guys enjoyed using the boulder cave like a real dark cave and climbed around with headlamps.  Canoe spent part of their period doing Star Wars syle “pod racing”  with canoes and kayaks.

We capped off the week with a square dance tonight.  The girls from Keystone  joined us here for a fun evening of bluegrass music, dancing, and cookies.  The youngest boys were most excited about the cookies, but everyone still had a great time. I always enjoy seeing all of the siblings during these square dance events.  Several of the boys brought their sisters over to introduce them to me.  

As we turn the corner into the last week of camp, many boys still have some goals to reach.  I am looking forward to helping them reach those goals.  It is going to be a fantastic week.  Tomorrow we rest for a bit, but Monday we are back at it!

Well, I need to go tell the Hillside boys it is time to come in from catching fireflies.  They sure looked like they were having fun.  Have a great night…we sure did!


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