Mini II Open

We sure enjoyed seeing all of our Mini II families today! The cool breeze welcomed them to the mountains when they stepped out of their cars. I always enjoy the surprise on our parents’ faces when they open the door to the beautiful mountain air.  Life at 3000ft has its advantages!  We are so excited they are here! It is a good mix of first-year and returners for the session.  The boys hit the ground running as everyone had arrived by 11:30.  They quickly toured camp, figured out their activity schedule and made a front-row dash for lunch.  Once the delicious lunch of chicken fingers and all the fixin’s was over the boys took care of swim tests, and got themselves organized for their first activity at 3:00 p.m. 

I hope all of the mini parents were able to find their way to our blog.  Click the link that says “Today’s Pictures” for the gallery at the bottom.  It will always be the same link, so just save it for future visits.   You should have received an email just after drop-off this morning about the gallery login. If you have any trouble, drop me a line and I will help you out.

Our four-week boys had a busy day as well.  We had several trips head out the door before the mini guys even arrived.  Our paddlers took off for the river. Our climbers headed out to Pisgah for a good climb.  The hikers had a three-day climb head out the door as well.

We had a special afternoon event for our oldest age group. Several of the boys who were interested took their afternoon activity time to play some rotations of three-on-three basketball in the gym.  It was a welcomed event that will be made available to the boys over the next couple of weeks.

After a busy day of activities, one age-group (The Batmans) headed out to Sliding Rock and Dolly’s for Chill Night!  The oldest age group (The Big Baller Brand) enjoyed some quiet time on the rope swing.  Another group of guys enjoyed our famed “canoe fill-ups.” The minis spent the evening in the gym with a great game of dodgeball.

After another busy day, we all enjoyed a little relaxation on the lawn for an evening snack of selected cheeses and crackers.  I think it was a pretty awesome day!  Our mini boys will be up early for certain!  The excitement will be too overwhelming to sleep! I can’t wait to see them at breakfast. Again, if you have any trouble with the gallery, please drop me a line tonight. I will make sure to get you sorted.

Have a great night,


Today’s Pictures


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