Slowdown Sunday

It was another delightful mountain morning this  Sunday. Blue skies, a cool mountain breeze, all rolling in a wonderful seventy degrees. The boys enjoyed more of Nate’s scratch-made cinnamon rolls along with scrambled eggs, fresh cut fruit, blueberries and yogurt, scratch-made granola, and assorted cereals.  It was a nice way to head into our day.

One of our counselors, David, took lead on the morning service.  He spoke to the boys about respect. It was nice to see how the boys defined respect as David queried several of the boys.  He went on to talk about how our actions and words affect those around us.  He challenged the boys to do their best each day, think before they speak, and consider how you might make someone’s day better with your presence.

The rest of our morning had the boys enjoying a free-time period until lunch.  Our fun morning brought us right into a southern-style lunch with fried chicken, yeast rolls, green beans, mashed potatoes, and assorted salad items.  The extended rest hour was much appreciated.  

Our afternoon was filled with an all-camp event called “rainbow tag” that had campers and counselors running about in a capture-the-flag style game that somehow ended in the mud pit! Always great pictures from the mud pit!

After a shower period and some time to clean up, we all enjoyed a cookout on the lawn with burgers, brats, and hot dogs.  One of our upper senior boys conducted a study during the meal.  There had been questions for a few days as to whether a hot dog is a sandwich or not. Of the 164 people polled for the study, eight of them were undecided,  74 did not believe it was a sandwich,  Eighty-two believed a hot dog was a sandwich.

We wrapped up our wonderful day with some songs around the campfire, a great story from a counselor, and a thankful week.  WE welcome our Mini II boys tomorrow morning! Another wonderful week ahead.


Today’s Pictures

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