Welcome July Campers!

I sure did enjoy seeing all of the returning campers today.  We have 136 boys that are coming back for the second year or more. There are 62 boys coming back for their 5th year or more! While many of your sons have grown several inches or more over the year, it was almost like I had just seen them yesterday.  That’s pretty much how guys are… We can pick it up right where we left off almost nine months ago.  I see it every year, these boys rarely talk to each other throughout the year. Girls usually keep up with each other all year long.  Boys? They show up to camp and they are hanging out like they just saw each other yesterday! I love it!  I’m not sure mom will understand…

On the flip side of all these returning campers are the incredible new High Rocks families I met today.  What a great bunch!  I’m pretty excited about all these Mini I boys… They will be month-long boys before you know it! I am super impressed with this group.  Our community of camper mentors will certainly show them the way.

Our afternoon was filled with flipped canoes, cannon balls, and all sorts of games while the boys rotated around camp to learn a few more details about their activity sign-up possibilities. The age groups all had an opportunity to get together to discuss some details about the session and well as a little about evening program, the camp store, meals, and all sorts of information the boys may need to know about camp.

Dinner started off with a pasta bar complete with a choice of alfredo, pesto, and meat sauce. For sides, there were garlic toast, broccoli-cheese casserole, and a complete salad bar.  After dinner, the boys signed up for their activities and then spent some time with their age groups for the evening before heading back to the cabins.

Tomorrow I will send you an email of your son’s schedule and some additional session details.  Be sure to “whitelist” my email address if you happen to find me in your spam box. Everything we do is a direct effort to be sure your son has an incredibly fun, challenging, and vital experience here at camp.   We are half the population compared to most all of our peers.  We also have more staff per camper and WAY more property… If you ever have a question we are here to help you along the way as well.  No need to sit a worry, just give us a call. It is going to be a wonderful session!

Below are some additional details for our first-time families (and some reminders for our seasoned veterans).

Please remember not to send packages of any sort. Packages will not be delivered to campers (if there is a birthday, call us for instructions). If you need to send a forgotten item of clothing, medication, etc., call our office first & then send the item to the attention of our office staff. Our office staff will open the package & deliver the item.

The link below will take you to the NEW High Rocks Summer Gallery! We listened to your feedback and came up with a whole new experience for your viewing pleasure. It is a password protected area, so please enter the password you were given on opening day or what was emailed to you this afternoon. If you did not get those credentials, drop me an email.  I’ll be here all night.  

You can now download high-resolution images right from the site with a subscription. The images posted are great for the screen, but will not print well. If you pre-ordered the picture drive and subscription, you are automatically able to download high-resolution images. You can still add a subscription at any time. Just send an email to Darby, our office manager, at office@highrocks.com. We can add it to your account. The cost is only $35.00 to download all you want. Look for the “Download Photo” icon below the image on the picture page to know that you are setup. Once you are signed up, it will only take a minute to get you setup for high-quality downloads. Drop me a quick note, and I will have you setup right away.

There are several great features with the new gallery. A few of these are listed below:

  • Mobile Ready: The gallery looks just as good on mobile as it does on a desktop.
  • Save Favorites: You can add any image to your own “favorites” folder to find in the future. Look for the heart icon on the top right. This is a great feature for Julie’s Evergreen Memory Books.   Just save your images for later and then drop them into the memory book once she has the template up and running.
  • Tag a Face: Just like Facebook, you can highlight a face and add a name. Please add first and last names. This will allow you to search for these images later.
  • Share: You can still “right-click” (or for mobile “hold-click”) to share an image. These images are great for sharing on social media and any screen, they are just not high quality enough to print.  Share the awesomeness of High Rocks!

The link should open a new window that is just the gallery.  You will notice that our website and picture gallery is very user-friendly on most any device, including mobile and tablet devices.  There are additional notes and details here as well at  Gallery Help and Highlights.

It may make sense to save the link and login to your browser for quick access. I will try my best to get the blog up by 9:30 pm each night, but sometimes camp does get in the way, or our rural internet has been quite slow (or even slower). Don’t fret!  We will get you the pictures as soon as we can!

Don’t forget to follow us on social media. We will make it worth your while by putting up a couple extra pictures and a special video from time to time during the week. Twitter: @CampHighRocks. Facebook: Camp High Rocks, and on Instagram: #camphighrocks. Feel free to throw up some of these great pictures to share on your feed. We like making High Rocks look good!

Again, it as an honor and a privilege to have your boys here at High Rocks.  If anything did not go as planned today, please let us know. Tomorrow is going to be another great day!


Don and Elizabeth “Zoob” Gentle

Today’s Pictures

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