Mountain Life One Step at a Time

I enjoyed the opportunity to ring the wake-up bell this morning!  After a few lusty tugs on the bell, I always scream out “GOOD MORNING HIGH ROCKS!” The boys who are close, quickly reply back and the day is off in a flurry of excitement.  Children get dressed, clean up their own items, then it’s on to the community chores like trash, the clothes line, sweeping, and the bathroom.  It is a sight to see these boys in action and working (mostly) together.  Before you know it, they are outside the dining hall, hands washed and ready to eat!

It sure was fun to see these boys head out to begin their own journey today.  After a couple of days of activity introduction, the boys were off to blaze their own trail today. It is this part of our program that adds more than just “weeha.” The boys will spend some time in these activities and learn a great deal in a short amount of time.  So off they went schedules in hand and chests out.  Some guys were so excited, they were not quite sure where they were going once they thought about it.  No worry, we had plenty of staff out and about to help them along the way and we take a roll call in each activity to be sure everyone is there.

I know many of you parents are wondering how everyone is doing, and I hope the nightly blog and pictures give you a good sense of the daily routine of camp.    In the next day or so the first letters from camp will be arriving in your mailbox.  There is the possibility of the letter coming home that may worry you. So let’s talk about homesickness.  It’s not a scary word.  It’s all about growing up one step at a time.  After almost 25 years here at High Rocks, I have some pretty good experience about kids and camp.  That being said, a little homesickness is normal.  More often than not, what you are reading in those letters today has passed and they are on to bigger heights.  Remember, we are professionals. If you feel worried at all just drop us a line.  Don’t forget to do the same for your son.  Give him some encouraging words; tell him how proud you are and how he will be just fine.  Try not to go on about how the dog misses him, or all the cool things you are doing at home.  When you are learning to take some steps on your own, sometimes you stumble.  It’s definitely not a reason to stop walking.  Camp High Rocks is a super place to step out on your own.   If you do feel like you need to give us a call, we are here to help.  

Speaking of trailblazers, the first of the cabin overnights headed out tonight to spend the night in one of our five open air shelter areas. Each group will enjoy some time on our beautiful 1000-acre property, cook up some pita pizzas, make some smores, and settle around the fire for an evening of laughs and games.  They will wake up just before breakfast to head back to camp. It should be quite a sight to see in the morning.

The dining hall seemed a little light with the oldest two age groups out on overnights.  WE enjoyed roasted ham, green beans, sweet potato casserole, and many of those wonderful yeast rolls.  I love these warm rolls. Even though I try to be carb-light most of the time, I have to get one of these little guys once in a while.  Tonight I couldn’t help myself and ended up having two…  DELIGHTFUL!  We also had a loaded salad bar, and chocolate iced cake for dessert.  A great way to go into evening program.

The boys in camp spent some time running around with just the guys in their age group tonight.  We wrapped up on the hill with some cheese and crackers on the lawn before heading back to the cabins to shower.  Just another jam packed day of pure excitement here at High Rocks. 

There are another 400+ pictures loading up.  They may not finish before I do tonight, so be sure to check back.  Don’t forget to check your email for my letter I sent out today.  The key part of that letter is your sons’ activity choices. Have a wonderful night…

Don Gentle

Today’s Pictures 

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