Fall Road Shows, We Are All About Them!

While Don and Woody are out on the road, we wanted to give you a quick heads up of where Camp High Rocks will be next! We head around the country for our fall road shows or gatherings for current campers to catch up and prospective campers to meet our directors and learn more about camp.  We love seeing new and old faces in each city! Of course, it is always great to talk about camp, but it is also wonderful to see what our families have been up to and to have a chance to hang out and visit for awhile.

Have we been to your city yet? Check below to see our upcoming events. Contact us if you would like more information at office@highrocks.com.

10/26/17 – Raleigh, NC – Jessica and Sander Casino
10/26/17 – Tampa, FL  – Vera and Chris Farmen
10/29/17 – Atlanta. GA – Meredith and Austin Chase
10/30/17 – Augusta, GA – Yancey and Scott Shearouse
11/05/17 – Atlanta, GA – Frost and Chuck Osborne
11/06/17 – Houston, TX – Mary and Leslie Payne
11/07/17 – Dallas, TX – Teresa and David Murray
11/12/17 – Richmond, VA – Joelle and Jim Cosby
11/12/17 – New Orleans, LA – Karyn Kearney
11/14/17 – Shreveport, LA – Caffery and Lloyd Brown
11/14/17 – Severna Park, MD – Stephanie and Kevin Ross
11/15/17 – Arlington, VA – Danielle and Greg Maurer
11/16/17 – Washington, DC – Anne and George Colclough

Our two road trip gurus, Don and Woody, report good times, great folks, and overwhelming excitement for High Rocks at their shows so far! 

We are happy to report from camp that mother nature’s fall color is in full effect. The leaves are changing! The further into the fall season we go, the brighter reds, yellows, and oranges come out along the ridge lines of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The office staff is already missing the days filled with camper’s laughter, staff’s jokes, and warm temperatures. We are taking moments throughout the day to enjoy the last bits of warm weather and the smell of fall leaves in the air. See you all at our fall road shows!

Happy Fall!
Elizabeth “Zoob” Gentle


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