Camp, A Real Job

As we are getting to the closer to the summer, we are thinking about our summer staff! An experienced camp director, Alsion Moeschberger, on Sunshine Parenting’s website, writes about the skills that counselors develop while working at camp. She says, “It would be easy to say that camp counseling is a good internship for people who want to work with children for their career, but the work experience camp counselors gain at camp translates to strong, employable skills that any company would be excited to see in their applicants.” Check out the six skills below that Alison talks about. 

Six Critical Skills Camp Counselors Develop


“There is no greater responsibility than caring for other people’s children.” And we could not agree more!


Our counselors work together, live together, and have fun together. All things that require a large amount of teamwork! They learn to “live in community with people who have different personalities and life experiences”. Sounds like your work office, right?

Creativity & Problem Solving

“Whether it’s altering the plan for the day because of weather or figuring out a more efficient way to move 10 children from one place to another, camp counselors are constantly provided with opportunities to solve problems and be creative.”

Communication Skills

Communicating about a camper or what the next step is in an activity takes a lot of practice and work. Counselors learn how to lead small group discussions, how to engage face-to-face, and be intentional with their language. (All things that phones are taking away from us. Read Don’s blog on Technology and Camp!)


Counselors are the leaders at camp! You are the role models for all campers. “Camp counselors are closer in age to campers than most of their adult role models at home, and the unique relationships they can form are hugely influential as campers navigate adolescence.”


Camp is a humbling job! “Camp Counselors focus primarily on safety and happiness of the campers in their care, at the expense of personal freedom and privacy.”

We are still looking for a few more key staff members for the summer. If you are interested or know a friend who would be a good fit for camp, please fill out an application or email Woody at for more information!


Thank you Sunshine Parenting for the article. Check out the full article here: Six Critical Skills Camp Counselors Develop

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