Half Way Today!

When we realized at breakfast that today we are halfway through the session, neither staff nor campers could believe it. The only thing keeping us from being a tad sad about that is just how busy we are.

A Green River canoe trip; a hike to John Rock in Pisgah; a climb on Cedar rock, also in Pisgah; mountain biking in DuPont: So many trips were out that the dining room felt empty (and almost quiet) with only ~150 people at lunch. The trips all got back gratified, tired, happy and just in front of a strong storm that blew through here after rest hour, cooling things off and sending us scuttling indoors for a bit.

In-camp activities never slow down. As you can see in the pictures, a day here is bursting with action, all of which is just so much wholesome fun for the boys. The cabins going on Chill Night had to go straight from their 4:00 classes to an early supper, then to Sliding Rock, about now at Dolly’s, and then home to jump in bed.

One of my favorite sights at camp is of campers enthusiastically running to their next activity, determined not to miss any fun and often changing clothes on the fly. Little moments like those are part of the enduring charms of summer camp. Another is starting to happen around us as I write this blog. When the sun sets, the lightning bugs begin to rise. Though the May rains delayed their hatching, now the evening air swarms with those tiny points of fire, darting around faster and more erratically than even the guys trying to catch them.

The moon is waxing again now, and, when y’all get here for Parents’ Day (at the end of next week!!), it will treat us all to its fullness.

Enjoy the interim,

Dan Noland

Today’s Pictures 

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